It's exactly what the title says it is, so no surprise there.
I decided that having another blog for my URL illustrations was a pretty good idea, seeing as I wasn't too keen on flooding my blog with them.
So, enjoy?

This is the URL illustrations blog

Congratulations, you found it! I’ve decided that since the original reblog this post got over 400 reblogs, it would be better to make a separate blog for all the illustrations, rather than spamming my regular blog with them. January is almost over now, we are at the end of the time left for reblogging, and I am slowly (very slowly) starting to come up with ideas for some of the URLs. I can’t say when I will begin posting any illustrations, or how often they will be posted. I might post some even before Feburary, or it might be weeks. But rest assured I will be making them! At some point!

Till next time

- Runa